Brand Brothers is a brand design studio. We do brand strategy, visual identity and branding.

We work from Paris and Toulouse since 2010,
for emerging startups as well as for centenary groups.
What do we want ?
To produce useful, intelligible and beautiful design for companies, brands and virtuous people.
What drives us?
Curiosity, transmission, reflexion and new challenges.

Data intelligence at the service of customer relations

Maison Lucien Gau is a family-run business listed as a living heritage, created in 1860, perpetuating the art bronzesmith profession. It manufactures and restores lighting fixtures and art furniture, mainly intended for a clientele of luxury hotels, residences, yacht builders and architects, all over the world. Based in Paris, the company has a showroom near Bastille, at the bottom of a splendid private courtyard. We were approached late 2016 to rethink the overall positioning of this legendary brand, which suffered from a lack of presence and visibility. By adopting a crafty and meticulous work method, we wanted to transcribe the soul of a company that had gone through the decades without ever compromising its know-how. The new visual identity is based on a fine "LG" monogram, balanced and symmetrical, resuming the shape of a chandelier, and on a serif typography entirely designed for the occasion. The graphic style, without any superfluous elements but with rigorous construction and the choice of materials, which required careful attention, complete the emergence of a new elegant and graceful branding.   (In collaboration with Camille Raynal) Publications :, Featured, 2017 Disciplines

Maison Lucien Gau
Art bronzesmith since 1860

Echo is the newest of the french smartphone makers. The brand belongs to Modelabs, a historic distributor in the phone market, which had a range of entry-level phones, a segment in which it enjoys a leading position in France. The new range of four smartphones, launched in June 2016, concentrates on entry-level and midrange products, with a positioning focused on pragmatism : to offer qualitative smartphones and smart design, with no frills; an ally of everyday life. A range of devises jam-packed with useful technology. We were asked to facilitate this bold launch by bringing a substantive work on the brand positioning, visual identity and branding. In connection with the team, we have overhauled the project's foundations to achieve central conclusions : the brand must present itself with simplicity, honesty and strength. It must get out of low-cost codes. It must reflect uncompromised quality standards while making them accessible to all. It demystifies the possession of quality technological objects. Brand Brothers has helped the brand to find its place an already crowded market. The studio has created the brand positioning and visual identity, all visual standards, the packaging design, the website (design and development) and the artistic direction of visual products. The logo is the backbone of this new promise : this original type design tells the echo and resonance, and opens a creative territory without boundaries that deploys on the whole universe of the brand.   Awards : Transform Awards 2017 (London), Best visual identity from: technology, media and telecommunications (Echo), Shortlisted   Publications : Behance, Best of Behance, 2017 Rebranding Design, Images Publishing, 2017 Infopresse (Canada) Brand New, Reviewed Abduzeedo, Branding Disciplines

The latest of the French smartphone players

Yoteq is the very first network of connected terminals, which distributes physical books with the possibility of return. The innovative concept is articulated around dispensing columns, each containing nearly 300 books and comic strips, searchable directly on site or remotely, and which make it possible to deliver and take back the items with great simplicity. Our creative proposal is oriented towards the materialization of bridges between culture and digital uses. Yoteq's primary vocation being to take the book to places of transit and to simplify its acquisition, we have chosen to go beyond the classic graphic territory of literature and the world of publishing, to offer a visual identity based on simplicity of use, innovation, diversity and access to culture. The symbol mixes the edge of a book with an arrow describing a circular route, symbolizing the availability of the book to the public at the very heart of urban flows, but also the possibility of return. We have developed an evolutionary graphic language based on the diversity of literary styles, the renewed pleasure of reading and movement, through bright colours and thick lines. We dressed the terminal in collaboration with product designer Pierre Charrié, designed the brand's editorial materials, the website and structured the branding for the official launch of Yoteq, which took place at the Paris 2018 Book Fair. In partnership with the SNCF, the first columns will be deployed in 5 stations in Paris and the inner suburbs before the end of 2018. Publications : Branding News, 2018 Brand New, Spotted, 2018, Best of Behance, 2018 Disciplines

Shifting the lines

Wenovia is the centre of support for student entrepreneurship at the Université Paris Seine, composed of 15 schools and universities in western Paris, ranging from ESSEC to the University of Cergy-Pontoise, as well as renowned engineering schools. There are more than 37,000 students in the community; in the short term, Wenovia will be extended to Normandy universities. By boosting the students' capacity for innovation and boldness, the structure offers quality methods and support, enabling them to develop entrepreneurial projects during their studies. Brand Brothers was called upon to translate the ambition of this project into a visual identity. The first phase of the branding that we worked on was presented to the actors of the project and the local elected representatives, during the inauguration of Wenovia's Cergy-Pontoise coworking space in February 2018. The Wenovia logo is an original typographic design. Composed of capital letters, thick and solid, it includes 3 elements shifted within the lettering itself, referring both to the forward vision advocated by the approach, but also to the brutalist architectural style of the fief of Wenovia, Cergy-Pontoise (in particular its prefecture in the form of an inverted pyramid). We have developed a sober and structured graphic territory, in echo with the graphic radicalism of the logo, which will be brought in the coming months to expand on different physical, print and web applications. Publications :, Graphic Design Gallery, 2018 Disciplines

Student entrepreneurship from Paris Seine University

Le contenu à dévoiler se place ici, changez ce texte par le votre Diatly is the turnkey platform that allows brands and marketplaces to work together easily and cost-effectively. It is a facilitator: it puts brands in touch with each other and enables them, via a single interface, to develop rapidly on e-commerce sites. Diatly works with La Redoute, Conforama, Amazon, the Fnac Darty group and Galeries Lafayette. Created in 2012, this French startup has more than 40 employees and raised 2 million euros at the beginning of 2018 to ensure its development in France and Europe.   We worked for 6 months on repositioning and rebranding the brand, initially called The French Talents. The new name, Diatly (from "Immediateatly", by Dominique David) is a powerful and imaginative summary of the strength of the solution. It will easily follow the company's evolution, which promises rapid international expansion. The new custom wordmark is a modern and graphic object. Formed of parallel segments, it tells the story of how brands and marketplaces move forward together thanks to Diatly. This meaning, evoked in a fligrane, is reinforced by the inclination of the I and the L (20° forward). Combined with this new visual identity, a simple graphic code allows to tell the brand story. A set of 6 vivid colours - working exclusively in pairs -, a collection of geometrical pictograms illustrating the products sold by brands working with Diatly, the choice of Platform font, new explanatory diagrams and refined graphic compositions form the backbone of the new branding. We also ensured the design of the new website (in collaboration with Camille Raynal) as well as its integral technical development. The presentation of the identity, crowned with success, took place gradually in front of all Diatly employees, then in the web and startups media. (Photos credit office & team : Welcome to the Jungle) Publications : Brand New, Spotted, 2018 Disciplines

The Ecommerce facilitator

Finsecur is a French high-tech company founded in 2000, with more than 300 employees, dedicated to fire safety technologies. Investing heavily in research and development, the company has been able to impose a certain authority in its field on the technicality of its products, its willingness to maintain open software systems, and 100% French manufacturing.   We were asked to reposition Finsecur at a turning point in its history, to place design at the heart of the brand's development. We have directed our work in a raw, radical and visually powerful direction. Thus, the logo evolves and is structured. It is remodelled to meet a precise geometry. Based on a rigorous construction grid, it gains stability and maturity. The brand's central graphic gimmick is a rounded, solid, reassuring, protective half contour. It links to the "flame" of the logo, narrates safety in a subtle but assured way, and assembles a graphic coherence between all the supports in a modern and inventive way. It becomes the visual marker Finsecur. It is a design that adapts flexibly to the different communication moments of the brand. Sometimes powerful as a wall, sometimes light as a signature, its vocation is to draw a thread in the graphic language of the brand.   The brand's new photographic territory evokes an obvious, induced security that we do not think about. The subjects merge into the scene, they don't overplay well-being or the feeling of serenity. The safety of industrial, commercial and residential buildings is ensured by the quality of Finsecur products. Disciplines

High technology in fire safety

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