Brand Brothers is a brand design studio. We do brand strategy, visual identity and branding.

We work from Paris and Toulouse since 2010,
for emerging startups as well as for centenary groups.
What do we want ?
To produce useful, intelligible and beautiful design for companies, brands and virtuous people.
What drives us?
Curiosity, transmission, reflexion and new challenges.

Good Spaces Counter

Paul Beuscher is a department store of musical instruments and a music bookshop in Paris, and a mythical address for musicians. The brand has been part of the Parisian landscape since 1850, and has not changed its address since its creation, occupying an area of over 1000m² at 27 boulevard Beaumarchais, in the heart of the Bastille district. Since then, this legendary name has accompanied the great changes in music in France, from the golden age of French song in the 1950s and 1960s, to the importation of the first Gibson and Fender guitars, to the launch of the first self-service music bookshop. After a consultation, Paul Beuscher turned to Brand Brothers for a complete redesign of its brand identity. During a close collaboration lasting more than 6 months, we worked on the brand's new graphic language by developing a rich and structured visual system. The objective was to bring Paul Beuscher back into the circle of fine Parisian retailers, capitalizing on a famous name, and preparing the brand for innovations that it embraces on a daily basis. Within the new logo, based on an original typography, there is a subtle eighth note in the "P", and is declined in a monogram "PB" which identifies the sign in a statutory and timeless way. This bold and structured typogram is accompanied by a new collection of signs, messages, symbols and colours, which allows infinite combinations and makes the sign much more distinctive and identifiable. From guitar covers to paper bags, street posters to product sheets, stationery and tote bags, we have developed a simple, rhythmic and graphic system. Opening of the Paul Beuscher store, which was updated by Hekla's architects in the first quarter of 2019, in accordance with the new graphic charter. Publications :, Best of Behance, 2018 Commmunication Arts, 2018 Creative Boom, Inspiration / Graphic Design, 2018 Inspofinds, 2018 We love Branding, 2018 Disciplines

Paul Beuscher
In major mode

The Montgolfière is a majestic and hidden place of nearly 2000m², located near the Saint Martin canal in Paris: more than a simple sports hall, this social sports club will be a fusion between several atmospheres (music, art, sport, food). This Parisian address will become the new meeting point for a heterogeneous neighbourhood. Scheduled to open in September 2018. This place, full of history, is an old hot-air balloon canvas factory built in the 1850s without a building permit. Originally the building did not have a roof allowing, exceptionally, hot-air balloons to take off directly from the factory. Its wooden structure and glazed corridors were later reinforced by Eiffel-type metal frames that covered the atrium with an imposing glass roof 18 metres high. We worked with the founders of the place, Basile and Ruben, to develop the visual identity. The logo, a typogram entirely designed for La Montgolfière, is a statutory lettering including subtle graphic accidents, revealing a bold state of mind. The "O's" are transformed into monograms, revealing the simplified design of a hot-air balloon. Supported by a simple graphic system, based on a fir green (the initial hue of the beams forming the framework of the facade) and the Panamera character, we have developed for pre-opening a visual language based on multiple typographical and photographic compositions and the production of strong verbal hooks. Posters, postcards, socks, totes bags, t-shits, flags, but above all a monumental tulle flag (6 meters high) welcomed a few hundred curious people last June. See you in September. Publications : AIGA, Eye on Design, 2018 Creative Boom, Inspiration / Graphic Design, 2018 Fonts in use, Artwork, 2018 Brandemia, 2018 PAGE Online, 2018 Communication Arts, Exhibit, 2018 Brand New, Reviewed, 2018 Behance, Best of Behance, 2018 Disciplines

La Montgolfière
Music, drinks & quadriceps


L’Atelier Shelter
Barbu & Badass

Reading Wild is a community of hyperactive readers, led by Sylvia Minne. In her own words: it's live, it's about sharing, it's cool and it's rock & roll. Like a music label, it is the love of books and reading, with codes, references, generosity, intimacy and the universality. Reading Wild proposes, through its website and events, to create an original and ideal library. The attitude is militant and supportive, with a perfume of casualness and accessible intelligence. Sylvia regularly brings together her "community of solitary people" in Paris to defend their unconditional love of books in their own way.   We helped her to transcribe this iconoclastic posture into a raw and elegant graphic identity. Around the signature "Stay Wild Keep Reading", we composed a typographic logo entirely designed for Reading Wild. The graphic applications, crisp, radical, denote the classic universes of publishing and booksellers by combining the typefaces Replica - in capital letters - and Bely, as well as by both free and structured layouts, in black and white. The inauguration of the new visual territory took place at the Pavillon des Lettres in Paris in September 2018. Publications : Behance, Best of Behance, 2018 Visualgraphc, 2018 Disciplines

Reading Wild
Stay Wild Keep Reading

Gau Lighting is a French manufacturer of contemporary luxury lighting, which has been working since 2004 with the best French and international designers around elegant collections, mainly for high-end hotels, residences and restaurants. Its models can be found in prestigious venues in Paris, London, New York, Cannes or Marseille, and are entirely designed and crafted in Paris. We helped the brand to renew its brand identity, through a raw and monolithic typographic logo, whose 3 letters were drawn on the basis of an identical shape. The basic graphic guidelines have been defined, based on a balanced use of space, shapes and colours, alternating between a refined and minimalist language, and visuals with a stronger presence. Publications : MindSparkle Mag, Review, 2018 Behance, Best of Behance, 2018 Disciplines

Gau Lighting
Shedding light on a Parisian know-how

Code Civil is the new luxury fashion and lifestyle destination in Belgium. A two-stage opening: a pilot boutique in Knokke-Heist on the coast in the summer of 2018 before the flagship opens on the prestigious Avenue Louise in Brussels, in a splendid building of 1500m² and 4 floors dating from the mid-19th century, initially intended for a law firm. Beyond the simple concept store gathering the most prominent designers, from Courrèges to MSGM via Neil Barrett or Cédric Charlier, Code Civil is a lifetsyle destination at the antipodes of the cold and elitist luxury boutique, where you can dine, meet your friends, enjoy the services of a high-end concierge or get dressed up in the beauty lounge, organize an event and occasionally enjoy works of art.   The founder of the place contacted us in order to build with her her brand, her identity and her positioning from the very beginning, as close as possible to her convictions and the passion that animates her. We have imagined the name, Civil Code, in reference both to the initial occupants of the Brussels address, the lawyers, but also to the vocation of the place: redefining the laws of civil life, elegance and luxury.   We then built a visual identity based on an observation: traditional luxury, based on an indisputable heritage, can claim more grandiloquence and decorative elements. The new luxury, a reflection of our times, takes the complete opposite of what characterizes the luxury of the golden age of neoliberalism. We have developed a graphic language based on the juxtaposition, even the collision of the exquisite and the banal.   The logo is a dedicated monospaced typographic design with certain graphic subtleties, which give it a personality that is both raw and sophisticated. The graphic language is composed of a minimum number of visual elements; it is built solely on the basis of typographical compositions, a certain management of space and white circulation. The rest of the branding will be to discover at the end of the year when the Brussels address opens. Publications : Fonts in use, Artwork, 2018 Mindsparkle Mag, 2018 Behance, Best of Behance, 2018 Hey Design, 2018 Inspo Finds, 2018 Disciplines

Code Civil
New laws of refinement

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#brandingdesign #identitydesign #corporatedesign #corporateidentity #branding #typedesign #typo #typography #typographie #typographic #lettering #wordmark #identitevisuelle #graphicdesign #design #graphic #designgraphique #graphisme #rebranding #symbol #monogram #logotype #logo #logoinspirations #logodesign
Pavement sign, posters, packaging... Some elements from our identity work for L’Atelier Shelter. More (...)

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#brandingdesign #identitydesign #corporatedesign #corporateidentity #branding #typedesign #typo #typography #typographie #typographic #lettering #wordmark #identitevisuelle #graphicdesign #design #graphic #designgraphique #graphisme #rebranding #symbol #monogram #logotype #logo #logoinspirations #logodesign
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