Brand Brothers is a brand design studio. We do brand strategy, visual identity and branding.

We work from Paris and Toulouse since 2010,
for emerging startups as well as for centenary groups.
What do we want ?
To produce useful, intelligible and beautiful design for companies, brands and virtuous people.
What drives us?
Curiosity, transmission, reflexion and new challenges.

Data intelligence at the service of customer relations

Maison Lucien Gau is a family-run business listed as a living heritage, created in 1860, perpetuating the art bronzesmith profession. It manufactures and restores lighting fixtures and art furniture, mainly intended for a clientele of luxury hotels, residences, yacht builders and architects, all over the world. Based in Paris, the company has a showroom near Bastille, at the bottom of a splendid private courtyard. We were approached late 2016 to rethink the overall positioning of this legendary brand, which suffered from a lack of presence and visibility. By adopting a crafty and meticulous work method, we wanted to transcribe the soul of a company that had gone through the decades without ever compromising its know-how. The new visual identity is based on a fine "LG" monogram, balanced and symmetrical, resuming the shape of a chandelier, and on a serif typography entirely designed for the occasion. The graphic style, without any superfluous elements but with rigorous construction and the choice of materials, which required careful attention, complete the emergence of a new elegant and graceful branding.   (In collaboration with Camille Raynal)   Publications :, Featured, 2017 Disciplines

Maison Lucien Gau
Art bronzesmith since 1860

Echo is the newest of the french smartphone makers. The brand belongs to Modelabs, a historic distributor in the phone market, which had a range of entry-level phones, a segment in which it enjoys a leading position in France. The new range of four smartphones, launched in June 2016, concentrates on entry-level and midrange products, with a positioning focused on pragmatism : to offer qualitative smartphones and smart design, with no frills; an ally of everyday life. A range of devises jam-packed with useful technology. We were asked to facilitate this bold launch by bringing a substantive work on the brand positioning, visual identity and branding. In connection with the team, we have overhauled the project's foundations to achieve central conclusions : the brand must present itself with simplicity, honesty and strength. It must get out of low-cost codes. It must reflect uncompromised quality standards while making them accessible to all. It demystifies the possession of quality technological objects. Brand Brothers has helped the brand to find its place an already crowded market. The studio has created the brand positioning and visual identity, all visual standards, the packaging design, the website (design and development) and the artistic direction of visual products. The logo is the backbone of this new promise : this original type design tells the echo and resonance, and opens a creative territory without boundaries that deploys on the whole universe of the brand.   Awards : Transform Awards 2017 (London), Best visual identity from: technology, media and telecommunications (Echo), Shortlisted   Publications : Behance, Best of Behance, 2017 Rebranding Design, Images Publishing, 2017 Infopresse (Canada) Brand New, Reviewed Abduzeedo, Branding Disciplines

The latest of the French smartphone players

Brand Brothers has achieved the full branding of Olivier Claire, a high end vegetal skincare brand. During a complete year, a work of craftsmanship has been done, and a quality human relationship with the founder has been tied around this project. After a mono-product launch in 2008 by a passionate entrepreneur, a true lover of the beauty of women looking for the perfect product, the brand demanded an overhaul of codes, as the range of products had to be relaunched. It was a task of extreme pointillism, with serious issues for the brand. We first tried to capture the spirit of Olivier Claire and what drives its founder, who embodies its products and their benefits more than anyone else. A certain conception of luxury and wellness around a simple language, around honesty and quest of excellence. Our creative response is based on a few simple principles. The intrinsic quality of the product must prevail, and branding must support this evidence. Then, the luxury should not be overplayed, it has to impose itself. Finally, vegetal and science, at the heart of the development of the products must be expressed in the brand codes in a new way compared to the competitors. The new logo, between French refinement and unexpected modernity consists of a custom typography for the brand and a monogram "OC", evoking the care, balance and smoothness. Subsequently, we developed the identity codes with this constant search for balance between visual glitz and graphic innovation. The main one is the creation of a "skincare alphabet": a collection of graphic signs that evoke the characteristic for each benefits of the lotions; thus, each sign is linked to a specific product, which sees its identification potential reinforced. We have worked on every graphic materials for Olivier Claire, on print and digital. The brand was relaunched in autumn 2015, revealing an exceptional welcome from the French press. Olivier Claire is born again! Awards : Grand Prix Stratégies du Design 2016 (Paris), Design d’identité visuelle, Nominé   Publications : Fonts in Use, Selected typography Rebranding Design, Images Publishing, 2017 Disciplines « Beyond design! It is a chance to have met at the right moment this ultra competent duo... Attentive listening, adherence to the project and exceptional empathy, they "infused" my wishes and the universe of the Olivier Claire brand! My expectations and requirements were high, they responded with patience, passion and professionalism. What was supposed to be at the beginning a mission of identity redesign naturally extended to the creation of all communication media including the website! Congratulations to Jean-Rémi and Johan for this superb work. »   Olivier Couraud, CEO and Founder, Olivier Claire

Olivier Claire
Major beauty care

Pimp My Team has the ambition to dust off promotional object market. Based in Lille, this young agency is already among the most important French actors in promotional communication. Their success stems from an avant-garde state of mind: a zero-fault requirement, an ability to propose solutions and surpass the initial ideas of their customers. This approach to the trade has ensured them so far a development without false note. The team contacted us to rethink a brand identity conceived in a way too artisanal. We embraced this high potential project to initiate a complete overhaul of the graphic and verbal territory of the brand. The new Pimp My Team identity is a raw, colorful and bold graphic object. It translates what the company is: a concentrate of clarity, joviality and rigor. An unexpected logo that breaks the conventions, harmoniously blending straight corners and soothing curves. It is the seal that reassures and the curiosity that attracts, seriousness and pleasure. Like magnets, colored circles flatter the eye and contrast with the radicality of black characters. They tell the promise of the company as an obvious: "pimp my type", Pimp My Team! On the basis of the new logo, we developed in unison the typographic, color, visual and verbal territory of Pimp My Team, resulting in a branding mixing vivacity, self-confidence and humor. The typographic articulation, between the radicality of Px Grotesk and the impact of Bourton, supplemented by the design of a custom type based on the logo, allows to vary the tone according to the supports. The brand's new baseline - Bureau des Affaires Pimpantes (in French, "affaires" has a dual meaning, "business" and "possessions") - as well as a series of claims that decomplex the business of promotional objects. We also did the art direction and set design of the first photo campaign (by Sylvain Bardin), with graphic and audacious compositions. New stages will be unveiled soon, including new websites.   Publications : Brand New, Spotted Disciplines

Pimp My Team
Office for stunning goods

Founded in 1923 by Eugène Guillebert, this company based in Lille is the market leader in equipment and tools for environment professionals in France. With a catalog of more than 5000 references, Guillebert offers the best in gardening equipment for professionals. The annual catalog, a bible for professional gardeners, is highly expected and constitutes a true reference in the profession. Managed as a family company, the teams are very close to their clients. Their strength: an irreproachable professionalism and ethics. The salesmen, extremely loyal and committed, have been collaborating with their clients for several decades. We started a major work with Guillebert's teams from June 2016. Our objective: to drastically change its positioning, from a catalog editor to a brand that is highly involded in its client's everyday life. By spending time tracking the teams on the ground, we were able to observe this unique relationship that binds the salesman to its client; a shared passion and a sincere trust that allowed Guillebert to become an exemplary company. We have thus, on these new bases, began the work of redesigning the visual identity. The new logo is composed of a bespoke wordmark and a monogram 'EG', as a reminder of its founder, Eugène Guillebert. All the visual codes have been carefully redefined and recorded in the graphic manual and then applied to all of the brand's media. We also worked on the artistic direction of the new photography, centered around authentic scenes and the customers-salesmen "couples". On the basis of this universe, we also redesigned the general catalog, the essential tool of the Guillebert arsenal. A 400-page support, which required the design of more than 60 style sheets. The new visual codes are structured and modern, with subtle graphic details that ensures the brand a relevant and timeless base. The new Guillebert, launched on March 1, 2017, was unanimously adopted by both sales teams and customers. New developments will take place in the coming months. Publications : Transform Magazine, 2017 Brand New, Noted, 2017 Disciplines

Leader in the distribution of equipment for environment professionals

Cofix is a workshop to repair yourself electrical / electronic devices, located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. The Cofix team provides a workspace equipped with benches which allow tampering with any electrical or electronic devices. Novice or experienced handyman, repair becomes accessible to all, cheaply. Their mantra ? Repair consumerist society. Brand Brothers accompanied the project's team since its genesis, working for over a year on the naming, visual identity and full deployment of branding on all media, including in the first Cofix workshop, designed in partnership with the architects of studio Hekla. Disciplines

A workshop to repair your own electrical and electronic equipment

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Posters and typographic identity for Wenovia, the entrepreneurship program of Paris Seine University. (...)

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WIP / Identity for an innovative startup in legal tech. Custom wordmark. More to come in the next few (...)

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Diatly, the French e-commerce facilitator, is now live. We have just completed a full identity work + (...)

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