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Ebenup is a Market Network dedicated to the universe of Afro-Caribbean and mixed-race beauty. It is the combination of a social network and two market places: one for cosmetics and the other for booking with hairdressers and skilled make-up artists. Supported by the Paris 13 University, Ebenup takes up an innovative challenge: first, to create content and a social link between its various users; secondly, to become the trusted intermediary that guarantees the transparency, speed, fluidity of transactions and information exchanges between buyers and sellers of products or services related to beauty.

The founder, Terena, contacted us to develop Ebenup brand identity and branding. Our position in the face of such a challenge has been to detach ourselves from the visual commonplaces around beauty, luxury and the Afro universe. Our graphic proposal is simple, federative, memorable. Thought like a media, it wants to be iconic, it is a sign of rallying. Based on a typographic work thought for the occasion, it is strong, radical, different. It talks about digital and celebrates creativity in subtlety. It is an identity without detours, which is anything but smooth.
We have thus developed the first elements of the visual territory that you can find in this case study. The platform will be operational this winter, and you will soon discover new advances.

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