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Gau Lighting

Shedding light on a Parisian know-how

Gau Lighting is a French manufacturer of contemporary luxury lighting, which has been working since 2004 with the best French and international designers around elegant collections, mainly for high-end hotels, residences and restaurants. Its models can be found in prestigious venues in Paris, London, New York, Cannes or Marseille, and are entirely designed and crafted in Paris.

We helped the brand to renew its brand identity, through a raw and monolithic typographic logo, whose 3 letters were drawn on the basis of an identical shape. The basic graphic guidelines have been defined, based on a balanced use of space, shapes and colours, alternating between a refined and minimalist language, and visuals with a stronger presence.

Publications :
Behance, Best of Behance
BranD Magazine


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Motion design
Naming / copywriting
Editorial design
Web design

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