Studies and evaluation of media agencies
Founded in 1991, Recma is a research and notation company for media agencies around the world. It is the key player in the sector; it publishes highly anticipated rankings in the profession for media agencies and advertisers. Brand Brothers was commissioned to design a new brand identity for this Paris-based company. We designed a simple and modernist language, based on historical red and on ideas of precision, decision-making support ranking. The new system is built around a monogram combining the initial of the brand and a chevron, thus forming a strong and graphic identity sign.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Motion design
Naming / copywriting
Editorial design
Web design

Maison Lucien Gau

Art bronzesmith since 1860

L’Atelier Shelter

Barbu & Badass

Saelen / TS Industrie

One of the largest European manufacturers of plant shredders


The Ecommerce facilitator