Peugeot (EPF)

The transmission program to the new generation of the Peugeot family
With a history dating back to the 18th century, Peugeot Frères Establishments recently inaugurated an event aimed at the younger generations of the Peugeot group, in order to transmit the history and values of the family and intergenerational exchange.
It was around this project, called EPF NextGen, that we were contacted to imagine a visual identity and a graphic universe capable of transmitting this modernity mixed with tradition.
We first imagined an entirely typographic logotype built around geometric and simple forms hidden in the lettering : the link (E), the bridge between the generations (N), and the event to be noted (X).
The whole of this Typographic construction evokes modernity while giving meaning to the approach of Peugeot, drawing on its historical and cultural heritage, and turned towards the younger generations. The visual universe of the event was then developed on invitation cards , mixing tradition and modernity through a marked typographic contrast. We imagined a set of kakemonos with the key words of this meeting. Finally, we gave EPF NextGen a short motion design sequence, showcased during the event, in order to show Brand Brothers’ approach to this identity creation.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Motion design
Naming / copywriting
Editorial design
Web design

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