AFM Téléthon

World's number one popular fundraising
After 25 years of success in mainstream media and 50 years of research in the fight against neuromuscular diseases, AFM-Telethon, the first public community in the world, has initiated a process of brand repositioning.
We were selected to rethink the global identity and architecture of group entities faced with an obvious obsolescence and lack of consistency. Confronted with a strong visual heritage, we have developed an identity system that respects the history of the institution. We maintained, in principle, the main visual cue (the “sun”), while imbuing a subtle and positive inventiveness. A new consistency between group entities has been made, and a new font designed to signify AFM-Telethon coming together and consolidating the new visual territory, both statutory and unifying.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Motion design
Naming / copywriting
Editorial design
Web design


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