A Food Tale

Guide parisien des tables atypiques
A Food Tale is a Parisian guide for atypical, authentic, forgotten or unforgettable restaurants. Bistros, wine cellars, street food, simple, trendy, chic, only places full of history and humanity have their place. When launched in 2012, the creators asked us to imagine the visual identity. We opted for a simple and spontaneous language, without show of force in order to allow pride to the places reviewed. The thread consists of a fluid and rhythmical logotype, a monogram “F” for as a visual landmark and a pale green associated with the sobriety of black and white. The website and application have now taken off, and have tens of thousands of followers.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Motion design
Naming / copywriting
Editorial design
Web design


The artistic furniture line by designer Harold Sangouard


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Traditional natural medicine by Phyto-acupression

L’Atelier Shelter

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