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The one-stop mainframe solution
Zetaly is an spin-off of the Zcost technology group, renowned for its solutions around z/OS systems (mainframe computers with high processing capacity, particularly in the area of bank-insurance). This latest generation solution, unique in the world, allows all the data extracted from the operation of these complex systems to be used in a simple, clear and readable way, thus giving them value on a large scale. We were approached to give Zetaly a visual identity and its graphic fundamentals.

The typographic logo – designed for the occasion – is based on geometric proportions to create an infinite set of shapes. Thus, we delivered a kit of Z monograms, allowing to create without limit graphic patterns, covering the various visual materials of Zetaly, and this in a fast and autonomous way. The graphic territory, both sharp and electric, is completed by the AT Surt font (Blaze Type), used in all its weights.

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