Parangon Patrimoine

Norman wealth managers
Formerly Global Conseil, Parangon Patrimoine is a company based in Deauville, specializing in financial advisory and asset management. We have supported the global repositioning of its identity since the beginning of 2013. The work that we have done deals with the naming of the group and its subsidiaries, visual identity, typography, stationery, print and digital media. Comprehensive branding involves working on the minutest details that bring the SMEs into a new era.


Stratégie de marque
Identité visuelle
Motion design
Naming / tonalité verbale
Design web

« Brand Brothers has completely rethought the positioning of the Global Conseil group to achieve a most convincing result: the Parangon Patrimoine Group will have been created from scratch in just a few months! »


Xavier Delafosse
Parangon Patrimoine


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